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Lionfish Kits


We have kits for shallow water or free diving and kits for deeper water or SCUBA diving.


Shallow Water Lionfish Kit

Why put up with the risk and mess of spearing lionfish and then trying to sling them off the end of your spear onto shore? What if you accidentally hit Pamela Anderson? Try our Shallow Water Lionfish Kit which includes the SafeSpear lionfish polespear and harvesting/cleaning tools plus a Lionfish Bucket Float especially designed for the free diver. It's a simple but brilliant system that combines an inner tube with a standard 5-gallon bucket in which the lionfish are effortlessly placed after capture. Attached is a diver down flag for added safety and a length of rope attached to the diver or held in your hand, or the rope can be attached to a small anchor to keep the bucket near a group of divers. No one will ever ask you, "Do you know where your lionfish bucket is?" The SafeSpear Lionfish Bucket Float provides a quick and easy way to remove the lionfish from the water reducing the chances of ghostly barracudas appearing and trying to steal your kill. And there won't be any surprise lawsuits by David Hasselhoff because you caused him to step on a lionfish and get stuck by the venomous spines while running on the beach. The bucket is then easily lifted into a boat, and your lionfish are emptied into a cooler.

Deep Water Lionfish Kit

The Deep Water Lionfish Kit is designed for SCUBA diving and includes the SafeSpear Lionfish Polespear and harvesting/cleaning tools plus a Deep Water Lionfish Bag (Patent Pending) especially designed with the deep water SCUBA diver in mind. Nothing is scarier and more frustrating than competing with sharks for your kill, but with the SafeSpear Deep Water Lionfish Dive Bag you will be able to spear and dive longer with more confidence. The bag's easy entrance coupled with a closeable flap facilitates quick release of the lionfish and keeps them from floating out of the bag. The carefully placed handle allows you to maintain control of the bag with your hand far enough away from the opening to reduce the chances of potential contact with the lionfish and its venomous spines as you place it into the bag. And the see-through material lets you know where the lionfish are at all times for added safety. In addition, a water-resistant zipper along the bottom helps keep blood leakage to a minimum and makes it easy to dump the lionfish into a cooler in the boat. It can be attached to a diver’s hand or weight belt for easy access.

What is SafeSpear? Buy SafeSpear Now SafeSpear is a unique polespear system that provides the best and safest method to catch lionfish which helps restore ecosystem balance.