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The Eco-Friendly Solution - Eat Lionfish

Spear lionfish to protect the environment and then prepare a delicious meal.  You can be an environmentally conscious lionfish hunter by purchasing a SafeSpear Lionfish Kit that includes either the Deep Water Lionfish Bag or Shallow Water Lionfish Bucket Float.

Our SafeSpear Lionfish Kits can be used by your environmental group to maximize its lionfish harvest, making a huge contribution to saving the environment and balancing the ecosystem, while maintaining a safe distance from the venomous lionfish.  This provides an opportunity for your group to remove and harvest the invasive lionfish while minimizing the risk of injury using the SafeSpear Lionfish Polespear.  Plus, with the lionfish tools and recipes included in the Lionfish Kit you can clean and eat your lionfish catch.


If you need help writing a grant document to purchase gear for your environmental group, we can help!  Gregg has worked in the government arena for over 30 years and can help you draft an application to pursue government/agency/NGO support.  Gregg can also work with NGOs to write grants for large SafeSpear Lionfish Kit purchases.

We have kits for shallow water or free diving and kits for deeper water or SCUBA diving.


Lionfish are voracious feeders, consuming many of our native species.  The following two videos show the extremely aggressive feeding behavior of lionfish in aquariums.  They feed the same way in the wild -- they corner our native fish species and gulp them down!


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What is SafeSpear? Buy SafeSpear Now SafeSpear is a unique polespear system that provides the best and safest method to catch lionfish which helps restore ecosystem balance.