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Product Launch in Bahamas




SafeSpear, LLC was launched in Freeport, Grand Bahama at the Rand Nature Centre on April 14, 2010.  The lionfish products launch was sponsored by the Bahamas National Trust.  Gregg T. Waugh, President of Safespear, LLC gave a presentation on lionfish to an audience of 100 people who were later given an opportunity to taste lionfish.  Lisa Waugh, Vice President of SafeSpear, displayed SafeSpear's new Lionfish Polespear and other lionfish gear.

Janet Albury of VIP Services, Ltd. made all of the local arrangements while Cecilia Bodie, Administrator and Education Specialist of the Rand Nature Centre, Bahamas National Trust, coordinated the meeting facilities for the product launch event.  Dave Mackey, local videographer, contracted with SafeSpear to produce a video of the evening's activities.

SafeSpear's product launch went off without a hitch due to the hard work of Janet Albury and her sister, Liz Silvera.

What is SafeSpear? Buy SafeSpear Now SafeSpear is a unique polespear system that provides the best and safest method to catch lionfish which helps restore ecosystem balance.