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Product 1002. Lionfish Gloves


Many gloves were tested for use with venomous lionfish spines.  The only glove to provide the required level of protection needed to be called a SafeSpear Lionfish Glove is made by HexArmor®.  HexArmor® sets the industry standard for needle protection with innovative solutions for a variety of applications. The Sharpsmaster II™ 9014 is a manufacturing breakthrough that utilizes high performance SuperFabric® technology engineered to provide the highest levels of needle and cut protection available on the market. Tested using actual 25 gauge needles, this glove gives end users incredible protection in a single glove solution.  Be sure to use the glove sizing chart to get the right size.

Note:  These gloves are not specifically designed for use in saltwater. For this reason, it should be noted that they work best with occasional use such as the weekend lionfish tournaments, but will lose integrity in extended use situations such as continual, daily exposure to saltwater. Having said this, they are still the most protective glove available for lionfish fishing, providing both needle/puncture resistance and dexterity.

Watch the Hexarmor YouTube Video shown below:


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