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April 16-17, 2010 Lionfish Rodeo in Abaco, Marsh Harbour


Friends of the Environment held a lionfish rodeo/derby/tournament in Abaco, Marsh Harbour on April 16-17, 2010. Nine vessels participated in all, and the age range of participants was about 13 to 62.

Raffle Winner

SafeSpear donated a Deep Water Lionfish Kit for the Raffle to be held at the Friends Lionfish Tournament during the Captains meeting.  James Boyce of Marsh Harbour won the Lionfish Kit which included a Lionfish Polespear and was very excited about using it the next day.

First Place

The vessel Sea Tiges came in first place with the largest catch of 206 lionfish!  Amos Wheatherford, Jody Abury and Tim Blakeley shared the first place prize of $2,000.

Second Place

The second place prize of $1,000 was accepted by Tommy Sweeting who fished on the vessel Yellow Bird with a total of 196 lionfish!

The remaining prizes were:

3rd place by the vessel Dundas Town with 95 lionfish ($500)

Largest lionfish at 11 ½ inches standard length went to Tommy Sweeting ($100)

Smallest lionfish at 2 inches went to Justin Higgs from Hope Town ($100)

In total, 670 lionfish were landed and consumed by the hungry crowd.

SafeSpear also loaned their prototypes to participants on two separate vessels:

Sean Heystek on the vessel Aly’s Whaler landed 15 lionfish.

Bill Bear and Chris Blair on the vessel RSVP landed 1 lionfish and really enjoyed their first lionfish trip!

Finally, James Boyce on the vessel Touch & Go landed 31 lionfish with his new Lionfish Polespear that he'd won in the Raffle.  James was very impressed with the Lionfish Polespear and provided his comments.

Gregg & Lisa enjoyed being a part of the tournament and look forward to working with FRIENDS in the future.

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