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Product 1004. Shallow Water Lionfish Bucket Float


The Shallow Water Lionfish Bucket Float (Patented) is designed especially for shallow water diving or free diving with snorkeling gear where the potential for interactions with sharks is low.

    It's a simple but brilliant system that combines an inner tube with a standard 5-gallon bucket in which the lionfish are effortlessly placed after capture.  Attached is a diver down flag for added safety and a length of rope attached to the diver or held in your hand, or the rope can be attached to a small anchor to keep the bucket near a group of divers.

    The SafeSpear Lionfish Bucket Float provides a quick and easy way to remove the lionfish from the water reducing the chances of ghostly barracudas appearing and trying to steal your kill.   The bucket is then easily lifted into a boat, and your lionfish are emptied into a cooler.

    Patents have issued in the United States (US Patent No. 8,887,434 B2) and in the Bahamas (Bahamas Patent No. 2252) covering spears and containers such as dive bags.  Patent applications are pending in the United States covering additional spears and containers such as dive bags.

    Note:  Bucket not included.  Standard 5-gallon bucket may be purchased inexpensively at any hardware or sporting goods store.

    What is SafeSpear? Buy SafeSpear Now SafeSpear is a unique polespear system that provides the best and safest method to catch lionfish which helps restore ecosystem balance.