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Product 1006. Lionfish Armguard


Want even more protection from venomous lionfish spines?  SafeSpear’s Lionfish Armguard is also made by HexArmor® with the same SuperFabric® brand material to provide the highest cut resistance available on the market.  The Lionfish Armguard provides innovative industrial puncture protection from wires, metal, wood, and glass over the entire forearm and also works very well on venomous lionfish spines.  The spandex wrist insert with thumbhole provides good flexibility and the entire arm guard is washable which means it will hold up well to underwater use.  Be sure to use the armguard sizing chart to get the right size.


Watch this Hexarmor YouTube Video on the Armguard

What is SafeSpear? Buy SafeSpear Now SafeSpear is a unique polespear system that provides the best and safest method to catch lionfish which helps restore ecosystem balance.