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Product 1011. Lionfish First Aid Kit


SafeSpear’s Lionfish First Aid Kit includes two Super HotHands® proudly made in the USA by HeatMax and laminated safety instructions.  These heat packs are made from all natural ingredients and are easy to use.  They are air-activated and provide up to 18 hours of safe, comfortable warmth (126-144ºF).  The dorsal, pelvic/ventral and anal spines of the lionfish have venom located in grooves along the spines.  The Bahamas National Lionfish Response Project has developed a first aid response.  First stay calm and check for any obvious pieces of spine left in the wound and remove any if found.  Then apply water as hot as bearable (100-110ºF) or an instant heat pack to the area for 30 to 90 minutes.  Over the counter pain medication may be used.  Seek medical attention immediately.

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