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News & Events


SafeSpear gets Patents

Patents have issued in the United States (US Patent No. 8,887,434 B2) and in the Bahamas (Bahamas Patent No. 2252) covering spears and containers such as dive bags.  Patent applications are pending in the United States covering additional spears and containers such as dive bags.  And it's all proudly made in the USA!!!

New Partnership with ReefCI

SafeSpear and ReefCI team up to tackle lionfish!  The first event under this new partnership is Lionfish September.  Look for training sessions in the future.  SafeSpear is proud to partner with ReefCI in their continuing efforts to reduce the numbers of lionfish in Belize.


The first batch of SafeSpear Lionfish Polespears from Gat-Ku arrived in early April.  Make sure and get your order in right away.

Coming Soon! 

SafeSpear Lionfish Kit for the Angler


SafeSpear Lionfish Kits are available to provide your members a safer and more efficient way to harvest lionfish.  Please contact Gregg for more details.

Product Launch in Bahamas

Gregg and Lisa were in Freeport, Grand Bahama Island from April 8-15, 2010. A press conference was held and the Bahamas National Trust hosted a product launch event the evening of April 14th at the Rand Nature Centre (East Settlers Way; 242-352-5438) beginning at 6:30 p.m. Events included a presentation on the lionfish invasion/biology, a demonstration on removing the venomous spines, how to prepare lionfish for cooking, and a lionfish tasting. Refreshments were provided.

Lionfish Rodeo/Derby/Tournament

SafeSpear, LLC, is proud to have been a sponsor of the tournament held by Friends of the Environment (www.friendsoftheenvironment.org) in Marsh Harbour, Abaco April 16-17, 2010. The Captains meeting began at 5 pm on April 16th at The Jib Room (Marsh Harbour Marina) and the tournament took place on April 17th.

The Blue Wild 4th Annual Ocean Adventure Expo 2010

Catch SafeSpear, LLC at this huge event June 5-6 at the Broward County Convention Center.  But the party starts on Friday, June 4!  No matter what your interest in or around the water, you'll enjoy this spectacular showing!  Net proceeds will be donated to the Boca Raton Society for the Disabled.  SafeSpear, LLC will be demonstrating the effectiveness of their lionfish gear and educating the public on the lionfish invasion.  Participate in the Raffle where you'll have a chance to win one of SafeSpear's Lionfish Polespears.  Come see us!

Social Media

SafeSpear, LLC is now on Facebook and Twitter.  Join us for the most up-to-date lionfish info!

What is SafeSpear? Buy SafeSpear Now SafeSpear is a unique polespear system that provides the best and safest method to catch lionfish which helps restore ecosystem balance.