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Lionfish Rodeo/Derby/Tournament



Are you a lionfish cowboy or lionfish cowgirl? Help restore balance to our ecosystem!


Organize a fun group adventure to round-up a bunch of lionfish.  A rodeo or derby or tournament is simply a group event to catch as many lionfish as possible in a particular area over a specific period of time.  The rodeo/derby/tournament can have an entry fee and can award cash or other prizes to the diver(s) who collects the most lionfish, the largest lionfish, and the smallest lionfish.  The group is provided information about lionfish and trained to harvest lionfish as safely as possible.  We can help you by providing training information, contact information of individuals to give presentations if necessary, and forms for recording lionfish data, etc.  A delicious lionfish fry ends a fun and exciting outing to help rid our waters of the invasive lionfish.

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